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Whether you have your own horse or pony or run a stables, cleaning horse rugs is time consuming and difficult without the right washing machine. What you need is a reliable laundrette with specialist knowledge providing a full horse blanket/rug cleaning and re proofing service:

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Clock Wash Horse Blanket/Rug Cleaning Prices

Standard horse rug washing and drying


Wash, dry and reproof


Double type horse rugs wash and dry


Wash, dry and reproof


To book your horse blanket/rug(s) in for cleaning
call Matthew on 01553 770078 or use our form Request a booking

Visit your local launderette to get your
horse rug blanket cleaned professionally

21. St. Faith’s Drive, Gaywood,
King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 4PU

Call us 01553 770078


Why use Clock Wash for your horse rug cleaning?

  • So that you don’t have to wait around whilst your horse blanket or rug is cleaned, Clock Wash offers a service wash facility meaning we’ll launder your horse rug for you.
  • To prevent creasing and to give a better finish, large commercial machines are used for cleaning your horse rug rugs giving them more room to wash in.
  • We use specialist rug cleaner and reproofer to give the rug a longer life and with better results. Many cleaners use soap powder to clean horse rugs. We don’t as rug cleaner is more effective and non abrasive. Soap powder will be detrimental to the life of the horse rug.
  • Different cleaners are required for your rug depending on whether it is wool or a synthetic product. Again we will use the most appropriate cleaner.
  • Need repair? We also offer a horse blanket repair service and can do this at the same time as cleaning the blanket for you.
  • We are experienced at cleaning rugs. Until Ann Major’s retirement and the business closure we laundered all the rugs for Horsetalk, in Pott Row.

Using our specialist knowledge we aim to provide the best Horse Rug cleaning service with excellent results. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Matthew on 01553 770078 to book your horse blanket in for cleaning Request a booking

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